Silhouettes again (under the Bali sunset)


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Silhouette in bali

silhouette bali 150x150 Silhouettes again (under the Bali sunset)

I am really found of silhouettes in photography.

I think contre-jour adds an interesting dynamic to a picture.

This one is taken in the same place as last week’s post.

As you can see, you can meet a lot of balinese families on this nice set of beach.

I was watching those young girls for some time, trying to find how to shoot them and finally gave up.

I met them again one hour later while i was resting and watching the sunset.

They juste came in front of my camera.

Et voila !

Taking pictures also relies on luck …

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  1. Andy says:

    I love shooting Silhouettes. You have done a great job here.
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