Young girl on Kuta Beach


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Young girl on Kuta Beach

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The great thing about Kuta Beach in Bali is the very mixed population you can meet there.

Of course, you will see your standard holiday bule (white people, in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian langage) tourists : young american surfers, trendy european couple, Bintang (the local booze) drunken single australian males,  middle-aged single females looking for some adventures involving handsome Kuta Cowboys (see this post) and a few handful of dollars…

But you also get the chance to meet the thing all tourists are looking for so they can talk about it to their friends when they come back to their grey and dull city : the locals.

This strange and colorful tribe has also several sub categories including : the young males, going in small groups and trying to spy on young female westerners in bikini or trying to impress them with their football skills ; the older males going in small groups, trying to spy on any female westerners in bikini ; the younger females, going in small groups and taking a small taste of the ocean, fully dressed and laughing at each other…

And then you have your standard balinese family with kids like the one in this picture.

She is actually looking at her younger brother, wich is already a bit further in the water. I really liked her face when she was slowly walking, with the sunset light on her face.

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  1. says:

    Belle photo.

    Détail technique: chez moi elle apparait décentrée sur la gauche, à droite grosse marge noire.
    Lô recently posted..HNmotion

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