Flying Boat on Kuta Beach


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Flying Boat

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You find those boat kites on Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Actually, i am wondering if its not in Legian but i am having hard times to tell where one stops and the other begins.

Anyway, Kuta Beach is one of the most touristic place in Bali. You probably already have heard of it. If you have been in Bali or if you know a friend who’s been there, chances are you or them have spend some time on this beach.

Full of touts, beer sellers, old masseuses, Kuta Cowboys trying to score with young western or japanese female tourists (if you dont know about them, i would recommand you try to watch the documentary Cowboys in Paradise), … Hmm, what else ? Ow yes don’t forget your average drunken tourist enjoying his fair share of the sun.

So all in all, it looks like the place you wanna avoid if you want to get back to old spiritual Bali i talked about in another post ?

Well not so fast, buddy.

Of course, Kuta Beach is all this but its also a beautiful beach that goes for almost  8 km, whole balinese families including all generations enjoying the sea (not much the sun as they don’t have the strange western habit of sunbathing), incredibles skies (don’t worry, those pictures will come in due time) and if you’re lucky impressive sunsets.

So, i have to admit shamefully that each time i come back in Bali, and even though i hate Kuta itself and its surroundings, i have to spent some time walking aroung Kuta Beach at sunset.

Back to the picture, too bad i didn’t have a tripod because the picture is really blurry but i think it adds a nice dreamy effect to it.

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    “picture is really blurry but i think it adds a nice dreamy effect to it”
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